Recording & Production Techniques Final Project - Shaghaf EP


This course aims to help students understand fundamental principles of music production, engineering and recording using NYUAD’s world class Recording Studio.In This class students will learn from how to get the best recording of drums, guitars and vocals, to where and when to use effects and processors, from what comprises a great mix to how to prepare and master finished tracks to principles of physics of sound and musical acoustics and music production. Students will also learn how to master the SSL console, patchbay routing, signal flow, recording ticks, microphones techniques and placements, how to work with different outboard processors as well the ins and outs of acoustics, harmonic motion, room acoustic through both theoretical study and practical experimentation. Students will gain analytical and professional skills needed for a variety of music production-focused careers including music producer, recording engineer, mix engineer, mastering engineer, live sound engineer, sound technician, and more.A great part of this class is learning how to craft and record many different genres of music. The genres may change, the message and the lyrics may change, but the actual craft of how to make a great record remains the same. This course will develop student’s listening and production skills to enable them to craft a song production using the correct tools and techniques for the job.

 On May 10thProfessor Marciano’s Recording & Production Techniques class hosted a listening party to celebrate the end of the production of their final EP project. 

This semester the class worked non-stop in the recording studio to produce, engineer and record the NYUAD's Egyptian band Shaghaf, winner of the last edition of Battle of the Bands.

This is the first EPto be ever been produced in our recording studio at NYUAD by our students. During the listening party, which was attended by many esteem colleagues and students, Prof Marciano’s class gave an introduction of the recording team at "Gazelien Records" (aka R&PT Class). They talked about the process they adopted to produce the EP, the various techniques used to capture the best performance from the musicians, and the thought process behind it. Along with that the class played as well the track that was produced and recorded in Mumbai during the wonderful Regional Academic Seminar that took place last March.

Final Presentation for the EP

Final Presentation for the EP

Matteo Marciano