Gazelien Records Team (RPT Class 2019)

What another incredible year this was. Honored and blessed to be able to teach every year to such a wonderful group of students and to share my "Audio-geeky-passion" with them all. @gazelien_records AKA Recording & Production Techniques class ' final project was absolutely amazing, they have produced, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered 3 phenomenal artists: Mary Collins, 1AM, and Daytime TV winners of the previous edition of the NYUAD Battle of the Bands. They presented their projects in an excellent way. What I loved about this class is that by the end of the semester they became more than a class, but a team of people that through technology creativeness and MUSIC were able to create a collection of songs that will forever be the soundtrack of RPT class of spring 2019. The tracks will be available on Digital Steaming services soon! #nyuadmusictechnology #recordingandproductiontechniques#RPT2019

NYUAD Music Tech