Introducing LabCast

Introducing LabCast


In spring 2019 season of LabCast has a new sound and fantastic new guests. Each Episode features one story and one storytelling going deep on the creative process.

Global education is an essential component of the four-year curriculum at NYU Abu Dhabi. It is comprised of a sequence of intellectually rigorous, culturally and linguistically engaging research-focused learning opportunities that complement students' coursework. 

Despite the vast resources offered in the Music Technology at NYUAD, there has not been enough awareness of these opportunities around the NYU Global Sites.


Between fall 2018/ spring 2019 Professor Marciano’s Music Technology Fundamentals/ Recording & Production Techniques / Fundamentals of Digital Audio- Pro Tools students in collaboration with the NYU NY Production Lab, started the very first Cross-Schools collaboration between NYUAD and NYU NY.

Ivan Budnik and Mateo Crus two extremely talented musicians and sound engineers, recently Pro Tools Certified Users, have been selected to edit, mix and master the whole LabCast Season for spring 2019!


This is the first, of future series collaborations that will involve NYUAD Music Technology students in the many fabulous opportunity that the NYU Global Network has to offer.

Students at the end of their four-years at NYUAD, will graduate not only with a very high level of knowledge and skillsets, but the will be able to build a strong portfolio that will guarantee them a bright and successful future in the Industry!


Check out Ivan and Mateo’s incredible work on Spotify!


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